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Federal Taxes
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Filing your federal tax return using IRS e-file is easier and more convenient than ever before! Quickly and conveniently e-file your Form 1040, Form 1040A, Form 1040EZ or Form 1040EZ-T using a personal computer. is here to help you prepare and E File your Federal and State tax returns for electronic filing. LiveTaxExperts is both accurate and easy, so that you can get your income tax refund back quickly by using Free tax software. What are you waiting for? Get that refund started now!

Benefits of Electronic Filing
Electronic filing is a fast, easy, convenient and accurate way to file your taxes directly with the IRS via the Internet. Millions of taxpayers take advantage of filing their tax returns using the IRS e-file method every year. There are many benefits to e-filing your taxes online: quicker and more convenient tax returns. Direct Deposit: choose to deposit your refund directly into your checking or savings account. You can also check the status of your refund online and know exactly when you may be receiving your refund. E-filing software is up to date: Tax codes change periodically, and paper-filing may not express the most up-to-date changes to your tax codes. E-Filing is the safest, and most accurate way to file your taxes.

Why Should You E-File?
The IRS changed some key tax laws late in the year. The IRS Urges Taxpayers to File Electronically this year because of the instant changes and notifications that e-filing software can make to electronic filing. E-filing is accurate, safe, paperless, up to date and most of all, its easy.

What Do You Need to E-File?
We suggest that you gather all forms and information needed to file an electronic tax refund. Form W-9, Form W-4, Form 1040, Form 1040-EZ, Form 1040EZ-T, Form W-2, 1040 Sch. A & B, , Tax Exempt Forms, Charities, Donations, and other basic income information/ tax forms.

E-Filing State Taxes:
37 states and in the District of Columbia you can simultaneously e-file your Federal and State tax returns. You can use this software to file your State and Federal together or separately. Your personal computer and IRS e-file software that you choose does it all. Not all states support the IRS State E-File. In this case, LiveTaxExperts will help prepare and file your Federal return for electronic filing, then prepare all of the required State Tax forms for you to print, sign and mail to the proper taxing center for your state. LiveTaxExperts partners are authorized IRS efile tax providers.

E-Filing is a simple process. As always, IRS e-file means fast refunds, usually in half the time compared to filing a paper refund.

Tax Calendar - Important Dates:

1/15 - Fourth quarter estimated taxes due

1/31 - Deadline to mail W-2s & 1099s

4/15 - Tax return due / extension deadline

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